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Mentoring Notes

Mentoring Notes

Mentoring Notes

Series:  00 – ⁠01

Create a Big Vision for your Wish List

Big Vision Wish List is our opening video series. It shows you how to develop your ideas for a wish list into a workable concept, stay focused on what matters to you, and set a Journey you can complete. It shares how to blend these activities into your life so that you can easily make progress towards your goals.

Big Vision Wish List mentors the fundamentals. It introduces the “creating” method, the Big Vision skills set, and how to use the apps to help you focus, develop, organize and optimize your Big Vision concept.

Video 1

We walk you through how to develop your Wish List into an achievable Big Vision. We go over what to think about first, and what to hold off for later.

We start using the “Work Tool” app for Big Vision. This app helps you gather and develop your ideas iteratively into a focused concept.

Video 2

We walk you through how to refine and organize your Big  Vision for your Wish List into a series of smaller, simpler goals that you can work with more easily.

We introduce the “Check List” app, which helps you assess and refine the design of your Big Vision to make it more achievable.

Video 3

We show you how to assess your Big Vision and make it more achievable, and how to make each goal on your Journey more motivating.

We go over the “Score Card” app and “Focus” tools. The app points out where to improve your Big Vision, and the tools help you refine key points.

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Notes by Series

Notes by Series

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