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Create a Big Vision for your Wish List

Create a Big Vision for your Wish List is our first mentoring series. It introduces how to create and use a “Big Vision” to help you stay focused and on track to a major goal that may take you time to achieve.

This 3-video series walks you through how to transform your ideas into a focused concept for achieving your Wish List. It shows you how to use 3 Apps — the Work Tool, Check List and Score Card — to prompt, refine, check and score your concept.

By working along with this mentoring series, you can acquire some foundational skills for transformation and at the same time create a Wish List that can help you move forward towards your important goals.

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Your Goal in this Series

Your goal in this mentoring series is to develop your dreams and ideas into a rough concept that can help you move forward and achieve what matters most to you.

Mentor’s Insights

Our mentoring video series are hosted by Vivian Kane, a transformation professional with years of experience (see testimonials) and the creator of our Vision and Journey Library. She shares her own experience with the Wish List: 

“When I started out  in life, one of my dreams was to travel to the far away places I had read about in my studies. For years, this seemed unlikely. I had a childhood physical disability that made it very difficult and risky to navigate stairs and hiking trails.”

“But I knew how to aim for and achieve goals that seemed beyond my reach. So I created a Big Vision, developed new skills, cured my disability, and pursued my travel Wish List.”

Our mentor, on the path to her Big Vision and the Inca Bridge in Machu Picchu, Peru.
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“The result was that I travelled to 60 plus destinations in over 20 countries, traversed many stairs and rocky trails, and visited the places I really wanted to see. It was absolutely worth it to make the long Journey to that Big Vision.”

“Here I am in Machu Picchu, Peru on the trail to the Inca Bridge.”

We are all capable of achieving much more than we initially assume. The secret is to aim through the “official” goal to the bigger goals beyond them. Then focus on the next steps, keep them small and easy to achieve, and just carry them out one by one.

Come join me!

We can have fun while we learn, achieve our goals, and transform our lives!

Video 1

We walk through how to gather ideas for your wish list, how to inspire or recall more ideas, and how to develop your ideas. We go over what to think about first and what to hold off for later — this keeps it simple, so your Big Vision is easier to achieve.

We use the “Work Tool” app for Big Vision. This app is your main creating tool. It helps you record your ideas at any time (before you forget them) on your computer, tablet or phone. You can refine your ideas, and save drafts to PDF for easy reference.

Video 2

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Video 3

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