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We guide you to

Create a Better

Life, Business
or World


We guide you to

Create a Better

Life, Business
or World


We guide you to

Create a Better

Life, Business
or World

Welcome to Remedios Kane. We offer mentoring workshops, videos, apps, a book and consulting services to help you create your Vision of a Better Life, Business or World. Our proprietary method can help you develop your creative power while guiding you to achieve your transformative goals.

“Transformation is the art of making the Journey to a new Vision of yourself. Success is the ability to live the Vision while the Journey continues.”    Excerpt

“Transformation is the art of making the Journey to a new Vision of yourself. Success is the ability to live the Vision while the Journey continues.”    Excerpt

“Transformation is the art of making the Journey to a new Vision of yourself. Success is the ability to live the Vision while the Journey continues.”    Excerpt

Our Workshops, Videos, Apps and Book

help you build skills while moving towards your goals

Our mentoring workshops and videos walk you through the “steps” for creating your Big Vision. Our examples from real life experiences and from our “story” book can help you see how to achieve transformative goals.

You can work alongside each workshop or video session, take away a list of “to-do’s” and develop your ideas before the next session. We provide apps that prompt you and help you develop, record and organize your ideas.


We Show You the Steps

We walk you through how to create your Big Vision.

Examples and Story Book
What to do | NOT to do
Expert insights and tips
Build a list of “to‑do’s”


You Reflect and Create

You reflect, develop your ideas, and envision results.

Our apps prompt ideas
Our apps help you create


We Clarify and Continue

We check progress and walk you through next steps.

Questions and answers
Examples | what to do
Expert insights and tips
Update your “to‑do’s”

Find out more about our mentoring workshops and videos on our About page. We introduce our mentoring method and series, our mentor, our legacy — the Vision and Journey library, and explain how to access our mentoring. We also have an important message for you.

What People Say About

our workshops and consulting services

Below are excerpts from client references over the years. Clients ranged from individuals transforming their lives to business and government transforming their services, organizations and industries.

Create a Better Life

To create a “Better Life” you must be able to achieve personal goals, personal growth, career development, self-employment or a micro business, self-sufficiency and work-life balance. “Life” level workshops mentor people in the insights and skills to achieve these ideals. Following are participant comments:

Life Success

This Workshop participant gained critical skills for life and success.


“Before your course, nobody taught me to think so clearly. This is saying a lot, because my MBA is business management. I now have the ability to make decisions quickly, and know what to do to get to my goal. Now, without trying, I can create success. You have made it simple.”

Life Changes

This participant found that skills learned in the workshop were lasting.


“It has been a year, and I am still using what you taught me. There is no effort in doing things the right way. What you showed me triggered a natural, effortless change for me. I don’t have to work at trying to change. It just happens easily. I think everyone should take this course.”

Life Goals

This participant applied his new skills to his golf game, and won a golf trophy.


“By the time I finished the session, I had a better sense of where I was. Many years of thoughts, ideas, emotions, previously scattered, were rearranged in a meaningful way. I deal effectively with problems that in the past might have been mishandled because of an incorrect diagnosis in the first place.”

Life Clarity

This participant gained new skills in clarity, decision-making and execution.


“The most noticeable change for me is focus on what I am doing and where I am going. I am able to evaluate situations from a different perspective, make faster decisions, waste less time and stay on target. You have connected the dots in my brain. This course would be beneficial for anyone.”

Life Vision

This participant gained focus, direction and confidence in handling change.


“My thinking and capabilities have expanded far beyond anything I expected. I take a broader view and can project myself into the future. I have a clear sense of how to deal with change. I can see what’s coming for the next 10 years and plan for it. I would recommend this program to anyone.”

Life Skills

Student participants gained experience and skills for achieving Life goals.


“This committee brought together students with Vivian as chair. Vivian displayed an uncanny ability to ask the right questions and pinpoint the heart of a problem. Some of the questions she asked puzzled me. In retrospect, the answers and their timing were crucial to the successful outcome.”

Life Skills

Students developed ideas and achieved a goal they had not attempted before.


“We had no idea what to do. What stood out about Vivian was how easily she focused us and drew from us ideas and great solutions we did not even realize we had. She consistently guided us to peak performance and creativity. Best of all, she made the whole process stress-free, fun and exciting.”

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Create a Better Business

“Business” spans small to global enterprises as well as public service administration. To create a “Better Business” you must be able to describe precisely the problems that your business initiative will solve as well as the key to solving each problem. Following are comments from business clients:

Business Innovation

Guided a law firm to design innovative services for a large partner institution.


“Vivian accomplished in days what we could not have accomplished in months. Most outstanding was her capacity to make decisions with speed and accuracy. She demonstrated a remarkable ability to ask questions that created instant clarity. Our endorsement for Vivian could not be stronger.”

Business Innovation

Mentored entrepreneurs to create innovative business models.


“Vivian’s advice constantly reveals rare business insights. She has a breakthrough understanding of how to construct businesses for the new economy. She is exceptionally innovative, and very fast at problem solving. I believe Vivian would create value for any business far beyond their expectations.”

Business Design

Guided an investment firm president to restructure a portfolio of companies.


“Vivian’s work is outstanding. Most extraordinary is her ability to size up any situation within seconds, pinpoint the core of the problem, invent an effective and ingenious solution on the spot, then direct others to execute it in a simple way. Vivian’s work far surpassed all of the Company’s expectations.”

Business Strategy

Guided an executive to design a strategy for revitalizing the business.


“Vivian has an astounding ability to cut through volumes of information to pinpoint the heart of a problem in minutes. Her advice is shrewd, innovative, and easy to implement. Problems that seem insurmountable are solved quickly, simply and effectively. I strongly recommend Vivian without hesitation.”

Business Transformation

Guided a banking client to assess a full operation and system transformation.


“Vivian has deep knowledge across all areas [of a transformation] and knows how the pieces of a complex initiative have to come together. Her straight talk was instrumental in helping us solve the issues. Vivian delivered lasting value. I am pleased to refer her with my highest commendation.”

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Create a Better World

“World” refers to complex initiatives that involve people, businesses, government, the economy and society in a geographical or virtual location. To create a “Better World” one must address the needs of all involved, and not just the needs of some. Following are comments from public sector initiatives:

Public Strategy

Guided an industry regulator to design province-wide service innovation.


“Vivian has an exceptional ability to shape ideas into innovative strategies, and create plans that are simple to execute. She has the power to focus strong personalities at the executive level and achieve the goal with no time wasted. I highly recommend Vivian without reservation.”

Economic Cluster

Transformed 20+ labs in 6+ institutions into a world class genomics cluster.


“Vivian won the collaboration of project teams, steered us through financial and logistical challenges (including a 50% funding shortfall), and guided projects to achieve world leadership in their fields. Vivian has made a significant contribution that we will build upon for many years.”

Public Change

Guided 5 regions to create a province-wide health system standard.


“Achieving consistency was a challenge as the health authorities had unique obstacles to overcome. Vivian framed a guideline that allowed for differences in execution while adhering to a standard. The result was a joint recommendation supported by all Committee members.”

Public Innovation

Guided 11 colleges to co-create an innovative award-winning program.


“Vivian exceeded [selection] criteria by impressive margins. Her extensive experience, creativity and flexibility have been evident from the first day. Working closely with Vivian has been an exceptional learning experience. She contributed far beyond what could normally be expected.”

Public Transformation

Guided a Ministry and partner to innovate and transform services.


“This challenging business model required the partners to merge significantly different practices, policies, processes and infrastructure. The detail seemed insurmountable. Vivian guided us to address critical details, facilitate solutions, and achieve deliverables on time.”

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What is your Big Vision?

Are you on track to achieve it?

Our introductory mentoring video series can be accessed on our Mentor Notes Demo page. This video series gets you started on turning your dreams and major goals into a “Big Vision” you can achieve.

The videos will ask you:  What matters most to you? What specific results must you achieve to succeed? And so on . . . You must know the answers to these and other questions to get to your goal.

Come join us! Try our introductory video series. See how our mentoring can help you to transform your life!

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